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Choose and book your package: Explore our website and discover three diverse tour packages tailored to your needs. Select the perfect option that matches your preferences. With just a few clicks, secure your booking directly on our site and seize the opportunity to embark on an extraordinary journey.


We create a seamless itinerary for you: Once your booking is confirmed and payment is complete, our expert team crafts a meticulously detailed itinerary for your trip. Taking into account your preferences and interests, we design an optimal route and ensure comfortable accommodations. We carefully consider logistics, duration for each destination, and provide recommendations to maximize your time and make the most of available additional services.


Immerse yourself in unforgettable experiences: Prepare for an enchanting adventure across the captivating landscapes of Mauritius. Indulge in a multitude of excursions, activities, and visits to intriguing locations, where you can immerse yourself in the local culture, nature, and ambiance. Throughout your journey, our dedicated team offers continuous support and assistance, ensuring your experience is truly unforgettable and worry-free. Embrace every moment and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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Day Pass: Your Customized Island Adventure

€279 | €199

Full Day Private Tour for up to 3 persons

  • 8-Hour Guided Tour & Transportation: Kick off an exciting 8-hour guided tour and let us chauffeur you around in comfort.
  • Stay Hydrated: Quench your thirst with complimentary cold water onboard.
  • Tailor-Made Itinerary: Negotiate your path and pick the attractions you fancy - you’re the captain of this ship!
  • Friendly Local Guide: Our congenial guide will be your buddy, helping you make the most of your day.
  • Speak Your Language: Just let us know your preference, and we'll ensure communication is crystal clear.
  • Party of Three: Bring along two of your besties or family members (up to 3 persons).
  • Live Adaptability: Make on-the-go changes to your path and timings – we’re all for spontaneity!
  • Extra Hours, No Fuss: Want to extend the fun? No worries – chat with the guide and work it out.
  • Flexible Pick-Up & Drop-Off: We’ll scoop you up and drop you off wherever you like.
  • Child-Friendly: Need a child seat? Just give us a heads-up, and we’ll have it ready.
  • Fresh & Clean Ride: Hop into a clean, fresh-smelling car that’s been prepped just for you.
  • Safe Travels: Sit back and relax; our guide's safe and comfortable driving will put you at ease.
  • Munch & Sip: Pre-order snacks and drinks to keep the good times rolling without a hunger pang in sight!

    What Our Customers Are Saying

    Experience the magic of Mauritius through the eyes of those who've journeyed with us. Here's what our customers and local guides are saying about MorisGuide.

    These are just a few voices from our thriving community. Join us at MorisGuide and create your own unique Mauritian story!

    • Ravi, India

      Anytime I had a question or issue, the MorisGuide team was there to help. Their customer service is top-notch. Highly recommend!

      Ravi, India
    • If you're traveling to Mauritius, you've got to use MorisGuide. The personal, on-demand guiding service made my trip unforgettable. Plus, their commitment to sustainable tourism is commendable.

    • Jean, Local Guide

      I've been a tour guide for 10 years, and MorisGuide is a game-changer. It has opened up new opportunities for me and made it so much easier to connect with travelers.

      Jean, Local Guide
    • Daniel, Australia

      MorisGuide's platform is easy to use, secure, and transparent. It made finding a local guide for my family a breeze. We had a memorable time exploring Mauritius!

      Daniel, Australia
    • Alexa, USA

      MorisGuide turned my trip into a revelation! The platform connected me to a local guide who knew the island inside out. Every spot we visited felt like a hidden gem. Can't recommend them enough!

      Alexa, USA

    Frequently Asked Questions (and some answers we made up)

    1What is MorisGuide?
    MorisGuide is like the magical genie of Mauritius. Instead of granting wishes, we connect you to amazing local tour guides. Think of us as your gateway to adventure, without the magical lamp.
    2How do I use MorisGuide?
    It's as simple as pie. And who doesn't love pie? Sign up, pick a tour, pay online, and voila! You're on your way to exploring Mauritius. Please note, pie is not included.
    3Is MorisGuide safe to use?
    Is a turtle safe in its shell? Yes, we take your safety seriously. All our guides are vetted, and we have policies in place to ensure your tour is as safe as a cozy night in.
    4Can I get a refund if I cancel my tour?
    Sure, you can! Our refund policy is as flexible as a yoga instructor. Check it out [here](link to the policy). Just remember, the sooner you cancel, the better your chances of getting a refund.
    5How do I become a guide on MorisGuide?
    Got a passion for showing off the best of Mauritius? Join us! It's as easy as signing up, showing us your stuff (not literally, please), and waiting for our go-ahead. Before you know it, you'll be guiding tourists and making money.
    6What if I have a problem during my tour?
    Have no fear, MorisGuide is here! If you face any issues, reach out to us. We're more reliable than your favorite superhero (and we don't even need a cape).
    7Can I book a tour for my pet iguana, Ignatius?
    Well, that's a first! While we love all creatures great and small, our tours are designed for humans. But who knows, maybe Ignatius can enjoy the photos you take!